Pulse Health Solutions has developed a unique approach with a proprietary Health Risk and Population Management enterprise platform solution. Because of fragmented data and sometimes disjointed infrastructure requirements, most solutions on the market either focus on a very specific area or exist only as extensions of legacy systems.  Our data analytics is anchored on three simple components: the patient/member-centered record, a value-based analytics engine, and a real-time patient engagement tool.

Outcomes-Based Analytics Consulting

A narrative interpretation accompanies all analyses and includes potential solutions to improve the overall wellness of a population and reduce the related cost to the client. Human Factor Analytics offers consulting services to explain the data, identify potential solutions, and assist with risk mitigation strategies.


Targeted Interventions

Additionally, the analysis pinpoints cost associated with lifestyle modifiable conditions. Individuals with such conditions are likely candidates for various wellness interventions. In all cases, HFA can emphasize the importance of prevention-oriented wellness programs.


Data Warehousing

Human Factor Analytics provides risk managers with data warehousing, data analysis, and statistically- validated solutions for managing the health risk of employer populations. Otherwise complex data sets will become navigable and understandable to groups and organizations that are trying to bring risk mitigation solutions to various populations.


Risk Mitigation Solutions

Obvious solutions result from HFA’s ability to target various high-risk groups. Once a population with increased expenditures associated with co-morbidities or chronic disease has been identified, Human Factor Analytics can identify and propose various initiatives to help affected employees monitor and address their particular health issues.