The facts about diabetes and…

  • More than 29 Million US adults have diabetes and 25% of them don’t know they are diabetic.
  • An estimated 86 Million US adults (more than a third) have prediabetes, and 90% of them don’t know they are prediabetic.
  • More than 20% of total US healthcare spending is for people with diagnosed diabetes.
  • People with diabetes are twice as likely to have heart disease or a stroke as people without diabetes – and at an earlier age.
  • Without major changes, as many as 1 in 3 US adults could have diabetes by the year 2050.

…and its impact on cost and productivity in the workforce:

  • People with diagnosed diabetes incur on average 2.3 times the medical expenses of comparable people without diabetes.
  • Employees with diabetes average 2+ work days absent per year more than employees who don’t have diabetes.
  • Medical cost, lost work and wages for people with diabetes cost employers an estimated $245B/Year.
  • Diabetes treatment is generally identified as one of the top 3 claim spends for experience-rated and self-insured employers.