Our company has its origins in three decades of managed care. Its lessons have shaped the guiding principles of Pulse Health Solutions:


Take steps today to reap the benefits of tomorrow.  This is why we have a variety of programs that address wellness.  We use telemedicine to make it quick and easy to access healthcare before conditions get worse.  Our E3 Diabetes program helps both diabetics AND pre-diabetics.  For all other concerns that may cause stress in an employee’s life, we have a highly capable Employee Assistance Program    Being proactive also means getting it right from the start, which is why we employ proprietary technology that makes it easy to use, manage and deploy our programs.


Participation is key to moving the needle on progress.  Our programs our designed to motivate with incentives, interactivity, ease-of-use, and relevant information.  Let’s not forget the business motivation, which is why we have case studies of how we have saved $2700+ per employee per year.

Deliver VALUE.

We can provide you with case studies of companies that saved $2700+ per employee per year.  We use your actual data and show how your healthcare expenditure would have been different (most likely less) under our programs.